CJS17 day 2

Day two was about being inspired by the work of Mystele Kirkeeng. She mixes outsider art with folk art and it’s amazing! Her work uses lots of layers, collage, bright colours and mark making, and she often works over the top of an existing work.

In the same spirit, I worked over the top of a page I’d never finished and added lots of collage elements before doing the self-portrait in outsider-ish colours and adding symbols I love, such as the feather and flowers. I also painted the negative spaces in blocks of colour, something I don’t normally do, and love the effect. Although the self-portrait is pretty ho hum, this work feels like a real step forward because I love the way the background turned out.

BTW the word ‘shrinking’ and the text to the left of my body relate to my weight loss of around 37kg so far. Now that I am not so sick I am starting to feel the positive impacts of the weight loss (finally!).



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