CJS17 day 7

Day 7 featured artist Jodi Ohl, whose work I have admired for a long time. Exciting! The challenge was to work in her style, using Tim Holtz Distress Crayons. Challenge accepted…

I applied two layers of gesso to my page to give it extra strength because I knew I’d be using quite a bit of water and pushing the crayons around. I normally love Tim Holtz products but find the Distress Crayons, which I’ve had a while, a bit difficult to use. They don’t move as easily as I want and it’s hard to put anything on top of them as they’re quite waxy. I used Aquarelle pencils for the initial linework and then a felt-tip calligraphy pen for the final lines as it worked ok over the waxy surface.

My initial page was based on a photo of Faith. I got partway into it before realising it wouldn’t work because Jodi’s style needs a definite outline so I scrapped it and started afresh. I’m okay with this as a finished art journal page; it’s enough like Jodi’s to please me but has my take on it too.



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