CJS17 day 17

Today’s artist was Rae Missigman, whose work I love – I have a few of her stencils and often watch her videos. Her process has inspired mine over the years, so this was in my comfort zone. I started with gelli printing straight onto the page using Golden Fluid Acrylics, then cleaned off the stencils over the top. I added layers of Neocolours, stencilling, collage, mark making etc.


3 thoughts on “CJS17 day 17

  1. Your daily works along with your notes are very inspiring and I’m loving how you introduce the artists that inspire these projects. After I read your updates, I enjoy looking up these other artists who are for the most part, new to me. So this is an added bonus! Thank you for sharing. There seems to be a burst of creativity happening all over the world, which is comforting to witness in these uncertain times. I am so grateful for the internet that allows this wonderful interaction to take place – a healthy balance all the “bad news” in the media.


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