A stroke, vocal cords & knitting!

It’s a month since I blogged, which tells me all kinds of things. No, I’m not 100% yet. Yes, I’m keeping up well with work, but it takes a toll. Yes, it’s too cold in my home office to spend much time in here!

I went to the Dr after seeing the ENT and she confirmed the stroke diagnosis because I have “foot drop” on the same side as the frozen vocal cord and lazy hand (which has healed already). She’s sending me to a neurologist for a check-up. A month on from the ENT specialist appointment  I keep telling people my voice is healing but, in reality, the improvement is pretty minimal so this is certainly a long husky road.

Over the last couple of months I have edged ever so slowly towards my goal weight of 75kg. I’ve felt okay being 77-78kg but it would have felt like a giant fail if I didn’t meet the surgeon’s goal weight for me. I’ve read about a lot of people who never got there, or regained, and I am determined not to go down that path.

July 2017In the last couple of weeks I have reached my goal weight, which just feels so good. And now, bizarrely, I am losing weight a bit quicker again, and am down to 72.8kg this morning. I was told I’d probably go lower eventually, and suspect I may end up sitting around 70kg.

knittingOn the doing side, it’s too cold to craft much in my office so I have taken up knitting again – something I haven’t done for 25+ years and something I was never that good at. I’ve competed one jersey, the front of another, and am taking a break from the 12ply and big needles to knit a 4ply Merino jersey for a library friend. It’s nice to sit in the lounge in the evenings with Tony and have something to do.


3 thoughts on “A stroke, vocal cords & knitting!

  1. That’s quite a heroic journey you’ve been on Cath! Thanks for sharing – I’m sending you my best wishes as you approach your goal. And wow! you’re looking really good despite all the setback you’ve encountered. Looking forward to further news and creative projects!

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  2. Hi Cath. i have been meaning to write to you and maybe compare notes. I had a stroke over two years ago now when I was having stents put into my veins(?) after a heart attack. it was shattering and not nice at all. Like you it affected my left side, I had drop foot as well plus I had difficulty walking etc and measuring distance. Initially I used a walking a walking stick but not for long. I was determined not to do that. I think the worst thing for me was “stroke pain” on my left side. It was a bit like my extremities were on fire or someone was pushing needles into my big toe. The doctors tried epilepsy medication but that was worse than the pain. Now Most people do not realise what happened to me. I am still a bit self conscious and sometimes feel like I stumble or nearly trip, the pain I live with – it is not too bad. Do make the most of any rehab you are offered, I got nothing. I think the worst stuff was psychological, wondering about my life and what was next. I have watched your journeys with interest and admiration and feel so proud of you. Good luck. Trisha XXX


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