cjs18 day 29 Jane LaFazio

Today’s artist was the lovely and talented Jane LaFazio. Her project used a lot of drawing skills which I don’t have, and would have needed more time than I have on a week night. However, I loved it so much I wanted to use the general theme. Since my weight loss surgery in late 2016 this recipe has become one of our favourite recipes, so it was good to document it.

day 29 Jane LaFazio

cjs18 day 26 MaryBeth Shaw

I’m a StencilGirl fan from way back so was delighted to find MaryBeth is one of this year’s artists. Her recipe was all about the layers, which suits how I work – this piece has taken a couple of days because the various mediums needed time to dry. I decided to work on a 10×10″ canvas because this wouldn’t work well in my art journal, and loosely based the image on photos of the Patea cliffs where I live. I took photos of two of the layers as I worked.

day 26 marybeth shaw layer 1day 26 marybeth shaw layer 2day 26 marybeth shaw layer final


cjs18 day 27 Dina Wakley

I love Dina Wakley‘s work so was excited to see her name pop up as today’s artist. Her paints are wonderful to use, by the way!

Her process is not too disimilar to mine, but is more controlled; as always there was something new to learn. I enjoyed making this page and am pleased with the final result.

day 27 dina wakley.jpg

cjs18 day 25 Sandra Everston

Artist Sandra Evertson makes the most stunning jewellery and mixed media pieces. I tend not to do 3D work but enjoyed learning to use my hot glue gun in a whole new way. I’m posting this late because I’ve been unwell the last few days – ongoing issues with my throat/voice. (tedious…)

day 25 Sandra Evertson

cjs18 day 22 Nathalie Kalbach

Today we were inspired by #cjs organiser Nathalie Kalbach – I loved her video and enjoyed creating this page after watching it. This was about doing what *I* love, not what’s trendy or current or whatever…

Small note to self – when you are heat embossing the heat gun can make collaged elements bubble if you’re not careful 😉

day 22 Nathalie Kalbach.jpg