There’s weight loss, & then there’s skin!

I’ve been debating this blog post for a while now. I’ve been very honest about the whole process but blogging about my excess skin makes me hesitate. But if I don’t, how do others know what could be in store if they go the gastic bypass route? In the end, I’m not going to pretend it’s all pretty – cos honey it ain’t!

To recap – I started at 139.9kg, goal weight 75kg, current weight 63.1kg. I’ve lost 76.8kg. A friend who has about the same as me (started heavier but not as light now) just had surgery to remove excess skin and they removed 11kg worth – so I’ve possibly got 5kg or more of skin hanging round. And I do mean hanging round…

People tell me the excess skin isn’t obvious and, fully dressed, that’s fairly accurate. My arms are the most obvious bit. People say most women have flappy arms at our age. Yeah, maybe, but not so loose you accidentally lean on the excess and it hurts 😉

The reality is the excess skin *can* be uncomfortable. Aside from leaning on spare arm skin, I sometimes find I’m sitting awkwardly on a fold of spare bum and it’s unpleasant – try adjusting that in public!

I used to wear a 26DD bra, now I wear a 14D but I sort of fold my boobs into it. Last time I got fitted the lovely lady at Farmers said “I’ll let you do the origami, you know how they go!”. Karma got me on that one, because I used to laugh as I folded Mum’s boobs into her bra..

I had a botched open surgery hysterectomy in my late 20s and that scarring, combined with the weight loss, is pretty ugly to be honest. One side of my tummy is longer than the other, and the whole things hangs low … if I get up to the loo in the night it audibly flaps. Not cool, or sexy!

Would I consider surgery to tidy things up? No! For a few reasons. With all the complications I’ve had I think elective surgery would be unwise. I had the weight loss surgery for my health, not appearances, and the skin isn’t a health issue for me (but it is for some). And, as I’ve said to a few people, Tony is 18 yeas older than me – he never expected to gain a slim wife in his 70s so a few wrinkles don’t matter!

If you are thinking of weight loss surgery, great! It’s life changing and life saving. If you think you’ll have the body of a 20 year old, think again…

Footnote – I’m really struggling to hit publish. My head tells me people in a bikini show a lot more flesh than this, but I feel so exposed and so, what’s the word, faulty maybe?





6 thoughts on “There’s weight loss, & then there’s skin!

  1. Never mind all those perfect internet bikini toddlers. Real people sharing real life is so much more.

    I just read that it takes up to two years at our age for skin to catch up – probably not all of it for you, but there could still be improvement if you keep hydrated and healthy.


  2. I can very much relate to your post!!! I lost my weight following surgery primarily in the first 9 months (I’m now almost 2 years post-op) and have been learning to live with the skin since then. Some days I don’t think about it all – like you said, when I’m dressed it’s not very noticeable. But other days – like if I’m working out in a tank top and shorts – all I see it is the skin flapping around and wonder if that’s what everyone else is seeing too! Like you too, I wanted the surgery for health not so much for appearance (though that’s a nice by-product!) and don’t foresee getting the skin removed. So I gotta live with it – making peace with the arm and thigh skin is the hardest!!

    Kudos to you for being honest about this and sharing pictures. I know before I had surgery this was the kind of thing I was wanting to read about so I’d have a realistic expectation. I try to post pictures too on my blog for others to see but haven’t done that in a while. You’ve inspired me – I’ll do an updated skin post myself soon! 🙂

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  3. Thanks for posting this Cath. As you probably know, I have had a few problems and I now look like you do in the photos above, which I’m finding very hard to adjust to as I didn’t think that I would loose so much weight. Very brave of you to share the photos.


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