cjs18 day 8 Diana Trout

Today’s artist was Diana Trout; the technique involved an initial medium on the paper, drawing into it and watercolours. The medium I chose didn’t cope with all the water I used, so I ended up with some odd patches but that’s ok. Although not a good painting by any stretch of the imagination, I had fun with this and will try the technique again. Incidentally, the painting is based on a photo I took of relics in the grounds of Monte Cassino Abbey in Italy in 2010 when I was part of the Legato exhibition.

day 8 diana trout

4 thoughts on “cjs18 day 8 Diana Trout

  1. Thanks Cath for sharing your work as you explore all these new techniques! I really admire your dedication to continued learning – definitely an exemplary student in that you actually do all the assignments!


  2. It can be disappointing when art doesn’t go the way we want it to go. Having fun with the process makes it all worthwhile though, doesn’t it? I love all the happy colors you used! Tt looks like the original that the painting was based on was pretty cool.

    I ordered the medium that Diana used and it is a really neat, soft texture. I just finished this workshop and it has turned out to be my favorite so far. I haven’t posted it yet but will soon.


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