Trying an acrylic pour

In the last few weeks I’ve seen a few people trying acrylic pours. I have a spare canvas I’d tried something on and it hadn’t worked out, some old foam cups, and some PVA glue I don’t like. Tony has CRC in the garage. So, all the key ingredients at my fingertips.

Huge thanks to YouTube artists who have so generously shared their process. The basic process for a dirty pour is

  • put a push pin in each corner on the back of the canvas so the paint drips don’t stick it to the work surface
  • mix glue, water and paint in individual cups – ratios vary from artist to artist
  • mix a double batch of white
  • add a little silicone (such as CRC) to each OR as you mix into the final container
  • pour layers of paint into your final pouring cup
  • add silicone if you didn’t add to each colour
  • once you add silicone run a paint brush handle or something through once or twice – do not stir
  • cover the canvas with some of the runny white paint
  • put the canvas on top of the cup, tip it over and give it a moment for the paint to run
  • remove the cup and watch the paint spread
  • tip the canvas to move the paint around
  • heat with a heat source such as an embossing gun to remove bubbles & create ‘cells’
  • leave to dry – it will take days…

Mine hasn’t dried yet, so it will be interesting so see how it looks.

pourpour 1DSC_0013 (1)

One thought on “Trying an acrylic pour

  1. Well I’m sure it’s dried by now. That looks pretty cool. I’ve watched a few YouTube videos of pouring like this too. I don’t have any of the ingredients so it would be something I’d have to go out and buy. But it looks like fun. I have a friend from high school who has done a few. Someday I’ll try it.


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