Inner thoughts

When I’m getting ‘stuff’ out of my head I often use this Dina Wakley journal – it has 4 different types of media in it and I really like it. The writing on this is about my weight loss, the ongoing struggle to be in the right head space, and the reasons I eat as an addict.

caged bird 20190505.jpg

Trusting my intuition

In November I visited the Hokitika Gorge and fell in love with the clear blue water so it quickly became the subject of a joint exhibition I have planned for this November. The works will show the iterative process I use to get to the final works.

Recently I had the chance to visit the Gorge again. In packing art supplies I chose my basics – Phthalo turquoise, cobalt teal, gold, white Heavy Body Golden acrylics. I kept reaching for Golden Fluid Titan Pale Green – an odd pale green grey beige. Not the colour of the works I’ve been doing at all. I put it away, then got it out again; in the end I decided it was such a small bottle I’d take it with me.

I started doing small backgrounds before I went back to the Gorge and kept using that colour. My brain was saying it was wrong – my hand, and my intuition – were determined though.

I stayed with Alan Fowlie, a family friend, and before he took me to the Gorge he warned me the water might not be that amazing blue because of floods 3 weeks prior. Ok, sure. When we got to the gorge and I got my first fresh glimpse of the water I was stunned. Yes, you guessed right … the water was the exact colour I’d been creating.

Incredible! That’s what happens when I am fully tuned into a subject and immerse myself in creating without overriding my intuition. It’s a lovely place to be, and involves letting go of control.

Hokitika 1Hokitika 2hokitika 3hokitika 4hokitika may 2019


Recording life’s up and downs

As I do every week I’ve done a page in my Dylusions Dyary – but actully I did two because I was away last weekend on an art trip so yesterday was catch-up time. This journal has pre-printed backgrounds so I add to it to make it mine, then photos and writing. I love this format for keeping a basic record of our very ordinary lives.

dyary first week maydyary april may

A little bit of colour

Most weeks I do a page or two in a small Dylusions diary; it’s about 8×5.5″ and lovely thick paper so there’s no need to gesso, the colours don’t bleed through and the pages don’t curl. I usually do a combination of collage and text; some of the tme I’m recording the lyrics of the music that colour my life, less often it’s inner thoughts (I tend to use other jounals for my inner world).

bad habit rabbit 20190505

Colour me positive

Every week I participate in the #ColourMePositive19 challenge on Facebook. The admin posts a quote and what you do with it is up to you. I work in a 6×6 journal for these and see them as quick play with colour and mark making – they’re a chance to just loosen up a bit. I was away last weekend so did two last night. I used Tim Holtz stencils, Distress paint, Distress ink for inking the edges of the paper, black and white pens.