Day 60 #100dayproject

This is similar to yesterdays and equally pleasing – just a little warmer and brighter because I wanted to see what would happen to the quinacridone violet if I added white. Reeves violet and Winsor Newton quinacridone violet, both mixed with Golden titanium white.

Day 59 #100dayproject

This makes me so happy – partly the colours and partly the way the contrast colour is broken at the edges, like rocks along the edge of a stream. It just pleases me so much! Reeves violet with Golden titanium white in the background, and Winsor Newton quinacridone violet for the swipe.

Day 58 #100dayproject

This is similar to yesterday’s but more intense, and equally hard to scan 😉 The background is less opaque, and the green is less chalky. Pretty close though, and it makes me happy! Dervan Matisse Naphthol scarlett, and Daler Rowney emerald with Golden Titanium white.

Day 57 #100dayproject

I know, I know – use reds and then complain the scanner doesn’t cope! But oh wow, in real life, this sings ❤ Think about the same but more translucent in the background. Dervan Matisse naphthol scarlet and Liquitex brilliant yellow green (it’s one paint colour that really lives up to it’s name)

Out of my head, onto paper

This has been a rough week for various reasons, so a day of pouring out my heart and head into my art journals has been good for me. I don’t sleep well some of the time, and when things are rough I tend to have bad dreams. I process everything that’s going in complicated dreams, often with my long-dead parents in them. I haven’t been doing that this week, but have been very wakeful, so hopefully getting lots of thoughts down in my art journals – many unreadable – will help settle my brain a bit! People say art is cheaper than a therapist, but I’m not sure they’ve seen my journal and paint supplies 😉

Day 55 #100dayproject

The scan of this isn’t quite right; the background is quite a bit warmer. This is Golden light orange – part of the light series I love – and Dervan Matisse ultramarine blue. I like the transitions in the blue as it gets thinner near the edges.

Day 54 #100dayproject

This is definitely not my usual colour scheme. It is too ‘pretty’ – if I do ‘pretty’ it tends to be pale, not bright. It’s okay…I guess!

This is Winsor Newton permanent rose (which I love) and Golden titanium white in the background, with Dervan Matissse ultramarine blue for the contrast.

Day 53 #100dayproject

I’ve moved away from the blues too, but not sure how long it will last. This is Reeves violet and Golden titanium white in the background, with Golden Titan green pale for the swipe. I love the Golden Titan pale range; I find then quite versatile, and wonderfully pale without being chalky.