Fresh air & calf poo

As a child & teen I spent a lot of time on farms. Dad taught me to ride his motorbike and later a three-wheeler. Yes, I had an accident of two, but loved the freedom.

Marriage, city jobs, the loss of Dad, a second marriage and disability … my out-on-the-farm days are decades back now.

As anyone who follows me knows, Tony is very unwell. I’m in Hokitika having a break, teaching art and gathering myself ready for whatever comes next. His brother Roger is looking after him, which I really appreciate. Despite having been down to Alan’s a few times in the last two years, I’ve never ventured beyond the sheds. Until today…

I bought some gumboots, borrowed a ‘proper’ shirt and a hat – and hopped on the back of the farm bike. I’m a lot more cautious now; once I’d have immediately wanted to learn to ride it. Now? Maybe.

But it’s so good for me to be out in the sun, surrounded by trees and birdsong. Filling my soul, just like when I was a teenager all those decades ago.

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