It’s all connected

There’s a lot happening for me at the moment, and I’m struggling not to eat my feelings. Once an addict…

I had a fantastic weekend with my sister Ailsa and her family in Auckland 10 days ago. I finally got to meet my niece Rosie and her husband Jason’s wee boy Harry; he’s an absolute delight. We all went to the Firebird ballet, which was incredible (thanks Ro). I did quite a bit of shopping too.

I flew home Sunday night, so visited Tony on the way home and saw him again Monday night. By the end of Tuesday the rest home was in lockdown and by midnight the whole country was in lockdown due to a community case of COVID.

I’m working from home and have canceled the next newspaper because community papers are out at Level 4. We may go to Level 3 this weekend but advertisers won’t be ready etc.

In the meantime Penny and I are working on a collab, and I’m looking back through some of my old art, thinking about colours, texture etc. Its interesting to look back and see what’s changed … and what hasn’t.

Tony turns 75 this weekend and I won’t be able to visit him. His daughter Yasmine was due to fly up from Christchurch but of course that won’t be happening either. It’s sad and awful but out of our hands.

Work, family, art, community and COVID are all intertwined in my life. As I said, there’s so much happening. I’m grateful for all the people supporting me, and to live in a community where people look after each other.

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