Tony’s 75th birthday

When it became clear a few months ago that Tony would need rest home care, he desperately wanted to stay at home until his 75th birthday. It wasn’t to be; he’s been in Te Mahana 3 months now, and today was his 75th birthday. Plus we’re in lockdown so his daughter, Yasmine, had to cancel her trip up from Christchurch. It’s all been made harder by the fact I was in self isolation until yesterday due to covid.

We could only ‘visit’ through the ranch slider but he’s seen me, his brother Roger, Sandra, Kim, and Janet. He’s had a call from Yasmine, and his dear friend Doris. He’s had text messages, gifts from staff and one of two residents he’s made friends with, and generally been fussed over.

I’m so grateful to the people who helped make it feel better. Sandra N at De Molen in Foxton, who dressed up the parcel I sent him. Michaela S who made bright bunting and tied it to the posts outside his room in a stealth visit, and dropped off the flamingo at the same time. Peter B who gave me a concrete flamingo to paint when I put the call out on FB seeing I couldn’t go shopping. Pat & Kevin K who found the perfect birthday card at the supermarket for me. People are wonderful when given the opportunity.

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