Gelli collab

Penny and I spent a few hours playing with our gelli plates today. We talked about processes, colour/pattern likes and dislikes, and so on. Some really useful things happen when you work alongside someone you trust.

Watching Penny work reminded me of processes I’ve used in the past, but have moved way from. I’d forgotten the sheer joy of putting colour on the plate and pulling a print – there’s no other way to get the serendipitous spots of colour and texture.

Penny had stopped using stencils with gelli printing and rediscovered her love of a particular circle stencil. We talked about how I like quite complex, layered prints, while she likes the clean, clear lines you get from a good ghost print (second pull).

I’ve been watching a lot of Elizabeth St Hilaire’s videos and tried to replicate her process. I didn’t get it quite right, and suspect I’m not starting with a dark enough base, need to think more about value / opacity, and do more layers. I’m sufficiently invested in the outcome that I’ll keep trying.

Here’s a selection of papers I made today using tissue and tracing paper, and one piece of Hahnemule sumi rice paper.

The perks of level 2

Level 3 is pretty much level 4 with takeaways. Level 2 is much simpler, in one sense, although I know a lot of people find it stressful. This time New Zealand is in Delta level 2, so a bit stricter than previously. It’s working though, with only 13 new cases today.

One of the changes is masks are mandatory in most situations outside of the home. I’ve bought a couple of masks for Tony, and I’ve got quite a few in various styles. My latest ones have the wire nose piece to try and stop my glasses fogging up.

I’m diligent about mask wearing etc because I’ve had Aspiration Pneumonia so my lungs are perhaps not 100%, my knee surgery is in about 6 weeks meaning I need to stay healthy, and I have Tony to think about. Also, my best friend of 50+ years can’t have the vaccine so is vulnerable; I need to do my part to protect her,

Yesterday I was able to visit Tony in the rest home for the first time in a number of weeks, and today he came home for about two hours in the afternoon while I worked. It was lovely to have him home and Bruno, Sandra’s dog, was delighted to see him.