Time flies when you’re…

Time flies when you’re having fun? Sometimes, and sometimes not. I think the best way to update is bullet points and some photos. Here goes:

  • The house looks great for new vinyl and carpet.
  • My renovated art room/office is a pleasure to be in and I haven’t spilled anything on the desk or carpet. Yet.
  • We got through Covid ok with no apparent ongoing impacts.
  • Tony’s health has deteriorated a lot. He sleeps most of the time now and is very weak.
  • His friend and ex colleague Doris came to visit him recently, which was great.
  • In September he had almost 2 weeks in HDU and Ward 3.
  • I had a much needed short break in Hamner Springs. Loved it, and want to go back.
  • I regularly walk 6000-7000 steps a day now , and managed just over 10,000 on holiday, and am so grateful.

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