As 2022 ends …

Once again, it’s been a couple of months since I blogged. It’s hard to know what to say much of the time, and there’s a lot I don’t share. Here are some highlights from the year:

  • Penny Kirk and I created a lot of art together and had a well supported exhibition at Left Bank Art Gallery in Greymouth. We’re working on our next exhibition already.
  • My nephew Rowan turned 50, which makes me feel old!
  • I got a bright pink bicycle and love it. Turns out I have terrible balance, but never mind.
  • I had a few visits to Alan on the West Coast. It’s a chance to relax, pat farm animals and make art.
  • I visited my sister Ailsa and family in Auckland, after a few false starts thanks to Covid. It was great to finally see their new home.
  • Speaking of Covid, we finally succumbed. I’m grateful for being vaxxed, which means I didn’t get particularly sick. I’m also grateful Sandra’s ridiculously overactive immune system looked after her.
  • I spent a few days in Hamner Springs & loved it. I want to go back when it’s not school holidays, because that was a bit of a mistake.
  • I love having two new knees. Life is just so much better when you can move without pain.

On a much less positive note, Tony’s not doing well and will be moving to Trinity Resthome in Hawera in mid-January. Trinity has hospital, palliative and dementia care, so can provide anything he needs. It means I can visit him in my lunch breaks, so he may be less sleepy.

Finally, here’s a few photos that sum up the year that’s been:

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