cjs18 day 11 with Cat Scanlon

Yesterday’s artist was Catherine Scanlon – I had to go out after work so am a day late posting. This was fun, way out of my comfort zone, and I’m much happier with the result than I expected to be. I used a variety of media, and a traced photo of some flowers.

day 11 cat scanlon


cjs18 day 10 with Annie Gonzales

Today’s artist is Annie O’Brien Gonzales demonstrating collaged monoprints. This is something I do anyway, but her style changed things for me a bit and I got some really lovely prints – interestingly the scrap prints I made as I pulled the ‘real’ ones are possibly my favs!

day 10 annie gonzales 1day 10 annie gonzales 2day 10 annie gonzales 3day 10 annie gonzales 4

cjs18 day 9 Andrea Gomoll

Today’s artist is Andrea Gomoll who does the most glorious mixed media; her recipe was largely about how to make gorgeous backgrounds. My first attempt didn’t work because I used too much water and ended up with muddy colours; I’ll work over the top of it and it’ll be fine eventually. I’m so pleased with the second attempt, which is on Tim Holtz Distress Watercolour Cardstock.

Day 9 Andrea Gomoll

cjs18 day 8 Diana Trout

Today’s artist was Diana Trout; the technique involved an initial medium on the paper, drawing into it and watercolours. The medium I chose didn’t cope with all the water I used, so I ended up with some odd patches but that’s ok. Although not a good painting by any stretch of the imagination, I had fun with this and will try the technique again. Incidentally, the painting is based on a photo I took of relics in the grounds of Monte Cassino Abbey in Italy in 2010 when I was part of the Legato exhibition.

day 8 diana trout

cjs18 day 7 Rae Missigman

I love Rae’s art, having met her through Documented Life etc. I was super excited about trying her technique … and it wouldn’t work for me 😉  I think the crayons I have just weren’t waxy enough to resist properly. That said, I got some fabulous prints and loved some of her ideas for getting interesting marks using a Gelli plate. I have shared my fav, and it’s ghost print, below.


cjs18 day 6 Andrew Borloz

Day 6 of Creative Jump Start 2018 was inspired by Andrew Borloz. I have a few of his stencils from StencilGirl products and enjoy his style. His project was a multi-step recipe for creating quite complex pages that can be used in a multitude of ways. It was more time-consuming and fussy than I normally bother with, so it was great to slow down and do something quite different. On reflection I don’t think my colour choices made the most of the technique, but that’s ok…it’s all about the process and the learning.

day 6 Andrew Borloz

CMP18 week 1

Colour Me Positive is continuing in 2018 with a new person at the helm – thanks Theresa Miers for making it happen! This week Theresa has offered up a quote, a colour (purple), and a hashtag (#CMP2018week1); perfect! Love starting the year with a David Bowie quote. If you’d like to join in, check it out here.

week 1

cjs18 day 5 Michelle Rydell

Today’s artist is Michelle Rydell – she provided a 7 step recipe for an art journal page. It is similar, in some ways, to my usual process but also different enough to inspire me. Got to love that! The complete page feels different to what I normally do, and speaks to my ideas for this year.

day 5 michelle rydell

cjs18 day 4 Michelle Ward

I didn’t get day 4’s page finished yesterday because I had to go to the Dr then deal with a leak in our roof. Yesterday’s artist was the lovely and very talented Michelle Ward, who I have followed for many years now. Michelle described a subtractive process, which I have used before, but forgotten about – so it was great to get inspired to try it again. She talked about ways she uses the resulting pieces, and there were some new ideas for me to play with. I was a bit impatient a couple of times and ended up with some torn areas, but that’s ok…

I’ve shown the page in my journal, which I’ll add some writing eventually, and the extra pages I made for using as collage elements.

finished page

CJS18 day 3 – Carolyn Dube

Today’s cjs18 page was inspired by Caroyln Dube; I follow her on YouTube but tend not play long – I’m glad to say joining in fun. One of the recipes today was to use ‘trash’. I made these diecut pieces for on cards but wasn’t happy with them, so was pleased to repurpose them. Carolyn suggested using a medium you can’t totally control, so I got the inks out too. As you can see, my fascination with old photos, family and memory continues.

day 3 carolyn dube