One little word – enough

Every year I join #olw – One Little Word with Ali Edwards. In 2017 my word was ‘prepared’ and it was perfect for me; you can read about why I chose it here. In previous years I have had intention, mapping, balance, calm, and determined. My word lives on the wall by my desk, as a reminder of what I want to do and who (how) I want to be.

This year my word is ENOUGH.

On Twitter, and as part of my word with Kotuku and LIANZA conference etc, I sometimes talk with people about Imposter Syndrome. I tell them they are good enough, smart enough, prepared enough – they *are* enough.

I’ve been following The Aunties @whaeapower, mainly tweeted by Jackie Clark, for some time now. Recently Jackie has been in the media a lot, talking about giving what people they need, not what we want to give, about society’s desire for recipients to be seen to be ‘grateful’ for any old rubbish people hand out, and much more (very loose paraphrasing – please search for original articles if interested such as this one). Enough ties into this in a way I can’t yet articulate.

So what does enough mean for me? I means tackling my own occasional Imposter Syndome, but a lot more besides. It means trying to change how I think about people – about being accepting of who they are and where they are at, because they too are enough (as with kindness, that doesn’t mean there are no rules, no expectations, that I live in some wishy washy woolly existence). It means:

I am smart enough.

I am prepared enough.

I am good enough.

I am slim enough.

I am fit enough (but getting fitter).

I am loved enough.

I am loveable enough.

I *am* ENOUGH!