Abandoning my art room

Dad had a caravan shed attached to the garage and, years ago, we converted it to an office for the paper and my art room. It was freezing cold in winter and boiling hot in summer. Hopeless! I’ve never used it as much as I should and much of my craft stuff had moved to my inside office, but not my art supplies. I am almost ready to start to painting again so, last week, Tony and I moved everything inside. I’ve also given unused supplies away to someone semi-local who does great stuff.

Already I feel more inspired, and have started a page in an old ledger book that I haven’t touched for a year or two. It feels so good to have everything in one place and know that I only have the supplies I love. Here’s to a creative 2018!

And, yes, I did some more cardmaking – I had to make some for a friend and I needed some more cards for me.

card acard b