cjs18 day 5 Michelle Rydell

Today’s artist is Michelle Rydell – she provided a 7 step recipe for an art journal page. It is similar, in some ways, to my usual process but also different enough to inspire me. Got to love that! The complete page feels different to what I normally do, and speaks to my ideas for this year.

day 5 michelle rydell

Do you support other artists?

One of the things about being an artist  in New Zealand is that we’re all practicing our art in small country. We may not all know each other, but when we do meet we’re generally a pretty supportive bunch. We blog each other’s work, support each other’s exhibitions, chat online … and generally bolster each other to keep at it. And some of us buy each other’s work – not just because it is a fellow Kiwi;’s work – but because we have a genuine love of their work. There are only a very few artists worldwide whose work I collect, and I have talked about them before.

There are a small handful of Kiwi artists I have work by and only two I actively collect. Tanya Dann is one of those. I am lucky to have three of her stripe paintings, one of which was done especially for me. Last year Tanya had to make a decision about the direction of her PhD and that led her to a series of work on the Damselfly. That series isn’t complete yet and she is thinking about its future. But the interest in the series was so strong that she decided to do a small work each day throughout February. I have been following with interest and this weekend decided to branch out from her stripes – and am now the proud owner of three of her Damselfly works. Why three? I thought they’d look amazing hung together. Here’s one of the works that will be winging its way to me this coming week. So happy…