New Legato work finished

This commemorates my Mother’s birth father, Fred McKenna. Sadly, Mum never knew him, but in later life got to know her half-sisters. One of them, Margaret, provided some photos and information so I could make this piece of work, which is going to Italy later this year for the 2014 Legato exhibition in Cassino. Fred served in WWI and this year’s Legato is the ideal place to honour the grandfather I never knew.

I have been working on this piece for days; it’s 18×24″ on stretched canvas. I haven’t varnished it yet, just in case; there’s one small spot that might get adjusted yet. I have photographed the entire piece, and then there’s some close-up shots to show the details and layers. 


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Starting a new painting

I’m starting a new WWI work, featuring two relatives I never knew – Mum’s birth father and his brother, her birth uncle. If this turns out well, it will travel to Italy for the 2014 Legato exhibition. I’ve aged laser copies of some documents relating to them, collaged them on, and added paint and ink. This is all just an under layer; once it is dry I’ll use a coat of clear gesso over the top and keep working on it. The colours are not as lively as the ones I used for the WWII works. I’ve gone murkier, grayer and duller because that’s how WWI feels for me. It’s probably also a reflection of my feelings about Mum never getting to know her birth parents and having a ‘dim dark’ past.

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