New home office / art room

I am determined that some good things are going to come out of Mum going into the home. One easy win is moving my home office / art room into her old bedroom – it’s a much lighter, warmer space, and larger too. (I do still have my outside art studio, but it has “issues”)

Tony and I have spent most of the weekend sorting, moving, hanging artwork etc. We’re both tired, but the final result is excellent. I have a light bright clean and tidy space, with a lazyboy chair in the corner so Tony can sit and read while I do whatever. One of the things I love is that some of my favorite artworks are now on the wall where I spend most of my home time. There’s a piece from Legato by Sophia Elise (it has Dad’s name on it, and my ‘2nd Dad’ Jack as well), 3 stripe paintings by Tanya Dann, a large fluro blue butterfly Tony bought me in Christchurch, the piece I did about our trip to Rome and 5 ACEOs by Martha Marshall.

I really like the inspiration of havingĀ favoredĀ pieces around me, and also having a clean well organised space. I can’t wait to get creating in it. I feel so fortunate.