Exhibition coming up

The annual Pocket Rockets exhibition opens shortly in Dunedin. As always, artist Tanya Dann has done a great job of organising it all, and has her first solo exhibition happening at the same time. And, just so she doesn’t get bored, she’s a PhD student as well. I’m sending six works down, including 3 that I have only just finished. Normally I send work from one series, but this time something tells me to send a range of work down, so that’s what I have done. Pocket Rockets is a great chance for people to buy original artworks as Christmas gifts.

Memories of Bryce Canyon. Acrylic, 12×12″. C Sheard, c2012.

One of those days. Mixed media, 10×10″. C Sheard, c2012.

I’m gonna make it. Mixed media, 10×10″. C Sheard, c2012.