When angels run interference

Anyone who follows me knows I don’t believe in God but do believe there’s a universal power and that angels watch over me. Sometimes the angels run interference – like yesterday…

Short version of long tale. Took Tony to Hamilton to see the specialist yesterday as his legs are so sore and swollen it’s affecting his mobility and quality of life. 3 out of 4 Drs were called away so they were running 90 minutes late, but it meant we saw Vasu, his main surgeon, not an understudy. He listened, understood, agreed with me that Tony’s heart and kidneys need checking – because everyone gets fixated on his legs. I said I was concerned we’d come home and be back to square one because our Drs are nice but not hearing me. Vasu said “no, you’re dealing with me from now on and I’ll speak to our top cardiologist”. He gave us an x-ray form, and said they’ll be in touch. Angels #1.

While we were waiting, a woman came out of the ward and I was “omg it’s JEN!”. Jen R is doing a “kick ass battle” with cancer – to use her term – and was starting chemo last night. We’re online friends for various reasons but hadn’t met in person. I leapt up and hugged her hard, laughing, then hugged her some more.  Angels #2.

Archangel Michael, you rock!

We interrupt this art for …

some quick family news and a plea. The family news has no names for privacy sake.

Dad’s last surviving brother has bowel cancer – he’s 88, in no pain, and should have a bed in the hospice by Friday. His daughter has basal skin cancer that has to come off next week. His granddaughter is about to have her 1 year check up following removal of a nasty cancerous tumour in her leg last year. So we’re going through one of those rough patches. There has been a lot of cancer in my extended family, on both sides.

Now for the plea. Please, please – get skin spots checked, have your breast screening done, get checked for prostate cancer. Don’t whimper and whine; like Nike says – just DO IT.