CJS17 with Nathalie Kalbach

Today was the last day of CJS17, so we ended where we started, with organiser Nathalie Kalbach. Nat showed us how one of her  journal pages was inspired by Cy Twombly. I’m a Cy fan, so jumped straight in. I used gesso, Distress Paints, pencils, archival ink, Pitt Big Brush pen and stamps.


CJS17 with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer

Yesterday’s artist was Julie Fei-Fan Balzer, again someone whose work I love. The piece she inspired us to create starts with a layer of various mediums so I had to leave it to dry overnight given our summer’s not exactly hot! Although this was scary to do – it involved pouring thin black paint right over the top of the previous layers – I would certainly use this process for something like a journal cover.

I used Golden garnet gel, Golden light modelling paste, Galeria black lava texture gel, Galeria medium grain gel and Golden gloss polymer for the initial layer. The colours are Golden fluid acrylics, Reeves copper paint, Golden Micaceous Iron Oxide fluid acrylic and Zinc White fluid acrylic.


CJS17 with Diana Trout

I’d seen Diana Trout’s work before so was thrilled to see her name pop up yesterday. This is gesso including through stencils, then watercolour followed by copper paint (which has not scanned well and looks sort of brown). In real life, it has metallic glow.

I forgot to use watercolour paper and just worked in my journal, so it’s quite buckled. I’ve cut it out and will spritz the back to flatten then glue back into my journal.


CJS17 with Michelle Ward

Today we were inspired by the lovely Michelle Ward. I have followed Michelle for many years and enjoy her style, and dedication to her art practice. Heck, we even share a love of Ville Valo and HIM. So this was exciting for me, because I got to do a project inspired by her processes.

As always, I’m not going into the process I used, but I have to say this … my project was meant to be a solid red, but the spray paint wouldn’t set on some of the pieces I used. When it’s totally dry I’m probably going to try a light coat of gesso then respraying. Although I quite like it as is, to be honest.


CJS17 with Dina Wakley

I love Dina Wakley’s work, and also her paints – they are a nice consistency and great colours, so I was excited about today’s inspiration.  The project was quite different to what I’d normally do, which is the whole point of Creative Jumpstart. I painted a journal page as the background, then a loose page of marks for using as contrast, then tackled the face on a second loose sheet of paper. I’m not good with faces, so printed one of the internet to use as a guide. Once it was all dry, I tore the face in half and combined with pieces of the mark making paper. I’m pleased with the final result, and will probably try this approach again.


CJS17 with Cat Scanlon

Today’s artist, Cat Scanlon, uses transparent colours to great effect, layering washes of colour over mark making, then more mark making on the top layer. I used Dylusions paints for the bottom layer of mark making, over collaged text, then Golden Fluid Acrylics for the flower and washes of colour (I love watered down Paynes Grey). I used a little Light Copper fluid acrylic for the final mark making.


CJS17 with Rachel Greig

Today’s inspirational artist was Rachel Greig from Darkroom Door in Australia. I’ve used a lot of Darkroom Door products over the years, so this was a great reminder of how much I can enjoy using more neutral colours.

I used Tim Holtz Distress Paint and Inks, collage materials, an old sewing pattern, a couple of stencils and a photo of me at Monte Cassino Abbey, Italy taken in 2010.