Surrounded by colour

Tony and I have quite a lot of artwork and love living surrounded by it. Some of the works are mine, some are by a very few artists whose work we collect; Tanya Dann, Martha Marshall, and Tina Mammoser.  We also have a few pieces by artists we admire but whose works we’re not collecting, including Sophia Elise and Sharlene Schmidt.

I love creating ATCs (artists trading cards) and have been involved in a few swaps in the last year or so, and I have them sitting on the top of my computer desk so that even while I’m working on the internet the beauty of art is right with me. I love their variety and colour.

I don’t always make enough time for creating work myself, but having so much colour and beauty around me feeds my soul.



My lovely new artwork arrived

I only have a small collection of work by other artists. I would rather collect more works by fewer people than have a “scatter-gun” approach. I think I just like my collection to feel focussed. I have works by a New Zealander I won’t name because they seem to have stopped painting, American artist Martha Marshall and now Tina Mammoser.

I have followed Tina’s blog for a long time; I admire her work ethic as a fellow artist and her very clear artistic vision. My first ever work by Tina is called “Brighton, late summer”. I am so happy right now – thanks Tina.

Guess what I bought today?

A new artwork by Martha Marshall; Martha sells as colorpoetry on Etsy. I am so excited. Just what I needed to cheer myself up on a semi-miserable Monday. Mind you, the day is only miserable cos I managed to burn my neck cooking salmon. I am a true menace kitchen, but this was bad even for me 😉  Three medium almost-blisters on my neck. Sigh…

Anyhow, back to the artwork. Here’s the description on Etsy: “Skimming Stones” – Acrylic and pencil on 140 lb. Arches paper, 5 x 7″. This is an original painting on paper, painted with a 7/8″ white border.

This is the sixth work by Martha I have purchased. I have four ACEOs, a 4×4 work on paper and now this one. Two of the ACEOs are floated with wide borders and a modern black frame; the others are waiting for the same treatment. I keep spending the framing money on more artwork instead!!

You know all the talk of recession? Whatever. For the sake of a week’s worth of bought lunches, I have a beautiful permanent addition to my art collection instead. And I have supported a fellow artist who I admire greatly. It’s about what we do with our money, and what we choose to support. And I choose to support fellow artists. So it’s home made sandwiches this week – yuck in my opinion – but worth it.

If you type “Martha” in the search field at top right, you’ll be able to read previous posts where I have talked about my small-but-growing Martha Marshall collection.