Envelope fun to distract me

A few posts back I advertised a mail art swap – I’m really looking forward to seeing people’s envelopes turn up by the middle of July. Last Wednesday night I had a car accident; a drunk driver pulled out to pass a car, straight into my path. I almost managed to get out of the way, so things could have been a lot worse. Anyway, I’ve had a few days off work because I ache all over, and have limited movement in my shoulders. Trouble is, I hate having nothing to do … hmm?

I know – decorate envelopes. Something I could sit quietly and play with at my own pace, and not needing much shoulder movement. Excellent! Hauled out some art supplies  – ink dyes, sprays, acrylic paint, gel medium, Copic pens, collage papers, stencils, foam stamps –  and sat myself down in the sun Here’s a few of the 20 or so I’ve made so far. Letter writing will ensue 😉

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This is the only photo of have of my car post-accident; glad I can’t see it really.