#cjs20 day 14

The day 14 artist for #cjs20 was Jodi Ohl. I really like her work so was quite excited then, uh oh, she wanted us to draw an eye. I *don’t draw* but – hey – this about learning new skills. I found an image in a magazine that had lots of drama, with vivid eyeshadow and huge eyelashes. Unfortunately the paper I was using didn’t cope with the technique Jodi was teaching, so it broke down a bit and the lines are fuzzy. But it’s more than recognisable, so I’m pleased I gave it a try!

day 14 Jodi Ohl

#cjs20 day 3

Today’s #cjs20 artist is Jane LaFazio. I have followed JaneĀ  for a few years, and have some of her Stencil Girl stencils, so was excited to see her name pop up. But, oh boy, did today’s lesson push my skillset. And yeah, ok, that’s half the point of signing up.

Here’s my attempt at drawing part of my Pandora bracelet. I never draw realistically, so I’m pleased with this. The paper I used didn’t cope well with the watercolours and they bled, but that’s ok.

day 3