Another week almost done & dusted

I love recording life’s wee details in my Dylusions dyary. I’ve never kept a ‘proper’ diary but this format suits me; a bit of art, a couple of photos, and whatever I want to record. Sometimes it’s day by day, sometimes one event needs the whole page; this week, it’s all about family, love and loss. Hug the people you love…

dyary 20190623.jpg

In catch-up mode

I was away last weekend, heading home from the Museums Aotearoa conference, so didn’t do my usual weekly Dylusions Dyary page. I’ve done two today, catching up, and printed the wee photos using my HP Sprocket. No the colours aren’t always true, and they probably won’t last decades but this is hardly a museum quality piece anyway! As a scrapbooker I am happy to have some things archival and others not so much…

Sorry about the photo straight up my nose but there was no other way for me to capture the bruise on my throat given I was on my own at the time.

I used Dylusions paints and stencils, and a couple of random pens.

dyary 20190526dyary 20190602


This week’s dyary

I do a page in my Dylusions Dyary every week – sometimes it’s day by day, other times it’s only one or two topics. This week is a mix. I love this format because it’s whatever you want it to be. I used Dylusions stencils and paints, and Posca and Tombow pens. The photos are printed using an HP Sprocket, so they are sticky-backed.

dyary 20190519.jpg


Recording life’s up and downs

As I do every week I’ve done a page in my Dylusions Dyary – but actully I did two because I was away last weekend on an art trip so yesterday was catch-up time. This journal has pre-printed backgrounds so I add to it to make it mine, then photos and writing. I love this format for keeping a basic record of our very ordinary lives.

dyary first week maydyary april may