Rabbit head!

I’ve been playing in my large Dylusions journal and decided to replace the model’s head with a rabbit’s head. Is it a perfect fit? Nope. And that’s ok…
Dylusions: large journal. Sprays – Slate grey, White linen, Polished jade, Calypso teal & After midnight. Stamps – Heads n tails, Dy’s alphabet. Stencils – Sugar lumps, Circles.
Other: Archival ink, White gel pen, Pitt big brush pen, Tombow markers, Distress collage medium, Distress ink.


There’s some big stuff happening in my household that I can’t talk about on FaceBook yet. This layout is reminding myself that I believe in my angels looking after me (not God, more the Universe I guess…)
Paints: Crushed grape, Laidlback lilac, Slate grey. Stencils: Bowl of cherries, Spring flowers, Old school numbers. Stamps: Dy’s alphabet. Other: Pitt Big Brush pen, white gel pen, Distress collage medium & Distress ink.
angels m20190516

So handy!

I love people’s hands, and am always checking out people’s rings, nails and so on – not in a judgemental way, just curious. This was done in my small Dylusions journal.

Paints: Ground coffee, Laidback lilac, Vanilla custard. Stencils: Sugar lumps, Blocks, Modern script. Stamps: Dy’s alphabet. Other: Distress ink, Stampin’ Up ink, white gel pen. Pitt Big Brush pen.

hands 20190508

Broken bits

Still recording the lyrics I love. Pink’s songs really speak to the part of me that’s a bit broken – the food addict who now knows she used/uses food to smother her emotions. The spot on her chin is from my mucky fingers! (oops…) This was done using Dylusions products, which are some of my all time favs.

my attic 20190508

A little bit of colour

Most weeks I do a page or two in a small Dylusions diary; it’s about 8×5.5″ and lovely thick paper so there’s no need to gesso, the colours don’t bleed through and the pages don’t curl. I usually do a combination of collage and text; some of the tme I’m recording the lyrics of the music that colour my life, less often it’s inner thoughts (I tend to use other jounals for my inner world).

bad habit rabbit 20190505

Catching up on my art

Well, really not so much forgot, as life got in the way. Long story and not worth sharing. But I *have* been arting when I can. And coughing, I’ve been doing a lot of coughing.

Pages in my Dylisions and Dina Wakley albums using Distress & Dylusions paints, stencils including Tim Holtz, Dylusions Dyary stickers and rubber stamps, ephemera, white gel pen, silver and gold Nuvo Mousse, Dina Wakley washi tape, Dina Wakley stamps.

dina wakley 20180715small journal 2018-07-15week 27week 28