Years ago we did some training at work that included Johari’s Window. I won’t go into all the details, except to say it struck a chord and has stayed with me. I’m fairly open on social media but that doesn’t mean I share everything, just that I choose to share more than some might. Yet there *is* a hidden part – parts of me that I know and others don’t (or only a few people know).

Why don’t I share everything, given I share most things? Same reasons as for others, no doubt. Fear of judgement, of being made to feel wrong, that people won’t like or approve of the hidden parts of me. And, in today’s world of strong judgment via social media, fear of starting a “Twitter pile on”.

This is the last page in my small Dylusions journal; I have had such a great time filling it up. It’s ok, though, because I have lovely new one waiting in the cupboard!

Stamps: Dy’s alphabet, Heads n Tails. Stencils: Diamonds in the rough, Sugar lumps, Blocks. Paints: Polished jade, Lemon zest, Periwinkle blue. Other: Ranger Distress collage medium, Archival ink, Distress ink, white gel pen, clear alphabet stamps, Pitt Big Brush marker, black Uni pen.
hidden 20190609.jpg

Exercise your art muscles

‘Use it or lose it’ is as true for art muscles as any other, although actually I don’t think we lose our art capacity, we just get rusty and uncertain. Simple quick exercises are a good way to stay in touch with your sense of colour, pattern, design, negative space and so on.

Every week I do the #ColourMePositive challenge on Facebook. The moderator provides a prompt and people share what they’ve created. For me it’s a quick way to warm up my art muscles. This isn’t art with a capital A, it’s more like warming up exercises before going for a run. I decided to (sort of) record my process today.

I used Distress paints for the bottom layer, Dylusions paints for the stencilling with Tim Holtz stencils, Distress ink to colour the edges of the word strips and  Tombow Mono glue to glue the words down. I’m working on the Tim Holtz glass media mat; it’s on my desk all the time and I love it.

It was almost finished when I realised, matching my mood, it was a bit dark and dreary considering the quote is about sunshine. I used Dylusions Pure Sunshine paint with Tim’s sun rays stencil, then went back over the orange with Atelier Rich Gold for some bling.



P!nk – Courage

I’m still recording the music I love in my art journals. I enjoy the process, but also it tells people a lot about me. Music is a huge part of my life; I listen at home, in the car, at work, while I cook…
This is P!nk’s Courage. It speaks to me because maintaining my weight loss means having the courage to face all the reasons I overeat. The courage to dig deep emotionally, face my fears, feel emotions instead of smothering them with food.
This page is in my large Dylusions journal. Inks: Peony blush, Bubblegum Pink. Postbox red & White Linen. Paints: Peony blush & Funky fuschia. Stencils: Teardrops, Star struc &  Diamond in the rough. Stamps: Dy’s alphabet. Other: Archival ink, Distress ink, white gel pen.
courage 20190602.jpg

This week’s dyary

I do a page in my Dylusions Dyary every week – sometimes it’s day by day, other times it’s only one or two topics. This week is a mix. I love this format because it’s whatever you want it to be. I used Dylusions stencils and paints, and Posca and Tombow pens. The photos are printed using an HP Sprocket, so they are sticky-backed.

dyary 20190519.jpg


Secret spaces

There are difficult things happening in our household that won’t be on my blog or FB until we have final confirmation. I’m worried and stressed, trying hard – as a food addict – not to eat my feelings, and searching for the words for how I feel. My art journals are a safe, non-judgemental place where I can say anything I want and it doesn’t matter or hurt anyone.
Sprays: Periwinkle blue, Vibrant turquoise, Calypso teal, Fresh lime shimmer. Paints: After midnight, Fresh lime, Vibrant turquoise. Stencils: Shutters, Holes, Stars. Large Dylusions journal. Stamps: Dy’s alphabet. Other: Archival ink, white gel pen, Pitt Big Brush pen, Distress collage medium.
downloading 20190517

People’s truth

This page refers to some stuff I’ve seen on social media, protecting men accused of vile things because “they seem so nice” or “their music/acting/whatever” is great. Uh huh…

As someone who was abused as a kid and had a bad first marriage, I don’t care. When people show you their truth, believe them. Also, trust your instincts.

Can you see the mistake in this? I could have ripped it out and started again or tried to cover it up but for me the joy & release is in the doing, so I’m happy to leave it alone. Can’t see it? The first “t” is truth is actually an” “x – oops 😉

Materials used are all Dylusions unless otherwise stated – Paints: Mushy peas, Slate grey & Ground coffee. Stamps: Dy’s alphabet. Stencils: Shutters, Old school numbers & Diamonds in the rough. Other: Pitt Big Brush pen, white gel pen, Ranger ink, Distress ink.

show truth 20190512

Recording life’s up and downs

As I do every week I’ve done a page in my Dylusions Dyary – but actully I did two because I was away last weekend on an art trip so yesterday was catch-up time. This journal has pre-printed backgrounds so I add to it to make it mine, then photos and writing. I love this format for keeping a basic record of our very ordinary lives.

dyary first week maydyary april may

Catching up on my art

Well, really not so much forgot, as life got in the way. Long story and not worth sharing. But I *have* been arting when I can. And coughing, I’ve been doing a lot of coughing.

Pages in my Dylisions and Dina Wakley albums using Distress & Dylusions paints, stencils including Tim Holtz, Dylusions Dyary stickers and rubber stamps, ephemera, white gel pen, silver and gold Nuvo Mousse, Dina Wakley washi tape, Dina Wakley stamps.

dina wakley 20180715small journal 2018-07-15week 27week 28

CMP18 & a Dylusions challenge

I normally do my own background for the CMP weekly challenge but this week the teeny dog in a teacup appealed so I incorporated it. I used Distress Paints, Tim Holtz stencils, and Distress Oxides.

The monthly Dylusions challenge was to use pink and snowflakes. I used Dylusions paint in Cherry Pie and Bubble Gum, a Di Cut girl, and Hero Arts unicorn ink. The page was inspired by one of my staff, who always look wonderful no matter what the weather!

week 15dylusions 20180414

An anniversary, and some art

Yesterday Tony and I celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary. We went to New Plymouth yesterday on the hunt for comfy shoes for both of us. Thanks to the wonderful staff at Fitzroy Shoes, and Ziera, mission accomplished. We did other bits and pieces too, and had dinner at Morrieson’s Cafe on the way home. After 26 years together, we remain each other’s best support. We’re fortunate…

I’ve also been doing some art; this week’s CMP18, a new page in my Dina Wakley journal, and a page starting to process my thoughts around having to move Tony’s cousin Alison from her rest home apartment to the resthome itself due to her rapidly deteriorating dementia. img20180318_09585057week 11IMG_2555alison 18 march