#cjs20 day 14

The day 14 artist for #cjs20 was Jodi Ohl. I really like her work so was quite excited then, uh oh, she wanted us to draw an eye. I *don’t draw* but – hey – this about learning new skills. I found an image in a magazine that had lots of drama, with vivid eyeshadow and huge eyelashes. Unfortunately the paper I was using didn’t cope with the technique Jodi was teaching, so it broke down a bit and the lines are fuzzy. But it’s more than recognisable, so I’m pleased I gave it a try!

day 14 Jodi Ohl

Art eyes

Art eyes. Do you know them? They’re the slight red-rimmed, tired looking ones that have read too many art books, stared at too many lines, spent too long poring over paints and crayons and pens. But it was worth it! I have had a day and a half of ‘mucking round’ with no real purpose in mind, just fiddling about getting all inspired. Lovely fun. Now my poor old eyes need a rest…so it must be time to go cook dinner.

Mind you, if I wore my reading glasses, instead of letting them sit idle on my desk it might help. I am very short sighted, so my glasses go on before I even get out of bed. Having worn glasses for 36 years I am finding it hard to get into the habit of taking them off in favour of my reading ones. But it is becoming crucial. Sometimes I find myself looking under my glasses to do close work, or moving text further away from me. Perhaps tomorrow I will remember to use them. Or perhaps not 😉