Beauty in nature #BlogJune 20

I love seeing nature but don’t necessarily enjoy being in it – it depends on the circumstances. If I can take my time, and feel safe, I’m happy to go for a decent walk such as Hokitika Gorge.

I enjoy a nice garden and flowers, but I’m no good at growing things. I never have been, despite Dad being a good gardener. I’m staying with Alan in Hokitika at the moment and he grows orchids. I love seeing them bloom and finding out about the different types.


Last year a library friend and I started an art swap – each month we sent off a background for the other person to paint something floral on. We got a bit behind for various reasons, and have been catching-up. Over the long weekend I’ve used 5 backgrounds she sent me. It’s such a fun way to work, and really pushes me to try different looks.

More flowers

I’m doing a couple of swaps with arty friends this year. K sent me this background and I’ve done the vase and flowers on top of her work. It’s weirdly challenging going over someone else’s work, which is half the point. It’s fun seeing what background turns up each month, and what they create with the starter you’ve sent them.

KS flowers Feb.jpg