Love is love

I talked with a friend today about love and friendship, and responded to a FaceBook post about gay and lesbian love. My comment, as always; love is love.

I sometimes comment to my staff that there’s infinite variety in the human condition. We don’t all share the same taste in music, shoes or tattoos, thank goodness. And we don’t all want the same things in a partner or lover – thank goodness again!

Tonight I talked to my brother-in-law about a past unrequited love, and the way his feelings for the person have changed over time. Sometimes passion is fleeting – burning bright then burning out – other passions transcend time and what life throws at us along the way.

Time and life’s challenges change us too. We age, get sick, need something different from our partners than when we were younger. That’s just life it’s ok. It’s still love.

You love a man? Great. A woman? Nice. A man *and* a woman? Good on you! If we spent more time loving others and less time worrying about what others do, the world might be a safer and happier place. Love is love.





Paint under my nails…

I’ve had an arty sort of day. I’ve worked in my art journals, but also felt inspired to grab a canvas and spread some paint around. Not sure if it’s finished yet, will leave it lying round and see what I think. As usual, there are messages in my art journal pages, which some people will recognise as relating to them…

Last night Tony, Sandra and I went out for dinner then enjoyed the Rocky Horrow Show shadowcast by Flash Mob Taranaki. I haven’t laughed so much in years. “Eddie – drawn, not sketched…”

week 44boundaries 2018-11-4choices 2018-11-4IMG_5034rockySandraTony and I rocky



Like a Golden Anniversary

This week is the in-between point – Sandra Robinson and I are the same age for two weeks each year, then suddenly she’s older than me again 😉 This year the birthdays mark something more important than her seniority.

Sandra turning 50-mumble means we have been best friends for 50 years; this is a life-long friendship forged at kindergarten! If this was a marriage we’d be getting Golden Anniversary cards. A friendship this long *is* like a marriage – we’ve dealt with school, university, jobs, deaths, births, marriages, divorces, illness…

I could say our friendship is documented with a million photos over the decades. It isn’t. I have reality few photos of Sandra, becasue she is always there – in my mind, and in my heart. I don’t need photos…but this one speaks volumes to me for all kinds of reasons.