Card packs for sale

Mixed card sets: 1 square 13x13cm card and three 10x14cm cards, with envelopes. Each set contains one card with the greeting or encouragement in Te Reo, and all cards are a mix of hand painting and colouring, purchased papers, stencilling & rubber stamp work, and dimensional elements. $25 per set incl postage.

Note: I can do sets completely in Te Reo, or with specific themes, to order.

To order email, message me on FaceBook or direct message @kiwilibrarian on Twitter. 

Shown below are SAMPLE cards only – individual sets may not contain the cards shown.

Gelli print cards

This afternoon I tried out a technique I’d seen on the Gelli Arts youtube channel. It didn’t go quite go as planned; the weather was too hot and I didn’t have Golden Open (slow drying) paints – but the idea is good and one I’ll come back to. As I worked I cleaned my brush off on a spare piece of cardstock.

The prints weren’t good enough to use on their own, but cut up with a stitched-edge die (thanks for the loan Denise) they made great general use greeting cards. Scanning them made me realise how dirty the scanner glass is, but you get the idea…


Card making with gelli print scraps

I’ve been making a few cards lately, because I am having a spell of letter writing. I am more likely to write letters when I am stressed and, although I am not stressed at the moment, I do have a lot on my mind. Incidentally, few things stress me – if I am stressed it usually means someone near to me is sick. My most recent cards have included layers of gelli print scraps, white gel pen, glitter glue, and texture compound through stencils.

image0-001 image0

Tim’s 12 tags of 2013 – June

I’m having a slow, relaxed, arty sort of Queen’s Birthday weekend. We were heading away but Tony’s had a couple of ‘off’ days so we decided it was better to stay close to home. Every month Tim Holtz holds the Tim’s 12 tags of 2013 challenge. He demonstrates how to make a super cool tag using his products, complete with detailed product tips and techniques = awesome stuff. This month’s tag features Distress Markers.

I don’t have any Distress Markers (yet 🙂 ) but have plenty of Distress Ink and Distress paints, so adjusted the instructions to suit my stash. I don’t mind not having all the bits ‘n bobs because it makes me think about the process and what the look is we’re trying to achieve. I’m pleased with the final results. One of these will go in my art journal, the other will become part of a greeting card.

I have a very sick staff member, she’s already been in hospital 2 months with plenty more to go, so I write to her every week and try to use handmade cards for a bit of colour and variety. Tony watched me draw a tree, leaves and bird on the envelope for a card I wrote her today; he shook his head, muttered something about the poor postal service, and wandered off. He makes me laugh…

tim h tags 0613