What do you see in this photo?

Do you see a slightly grubby desk? Paints in cut down old cartons? Nothing much? I see two things – opportunity and happiness.

Opportunity because the paints are sitting on my desk so I can make use of any spare minutes, without going in search of supplies. Opportunity because every time I pick up a bottle of paint I have the opportunity to create something new. Opportunity because paints give me freedom to express myself.

Happiness because painting relaxes me. Happiness because those paints sitting right on my home-office desk means that my family and I both accept my need to create. Happiness because I can afford to buy paints (I work fulltime, and know jobs are a scarce resource for some). Happiness because I did not always paint, and am so grateful I found my love of creating.

So what makes you happy? What opportunities face you each day?By the way, when I get a new bottle of G0lden Fluid acrylic, I open it up and smear some of the color on the lid, That way I can easily find the color I want, without ratting through all the bottles.