My HIM journal

I’ve done more in my HIM tribute journal. I’m not trying to match the backgrounds to the lyrics in any real sense. I’m just enjoying reading through the lyrics to find the words that most speak to me, and creating pages with supplies I love.

in joy and sorrowturning to tears


HIM tribute album

A few years back I was introduced to the band HIM via the wonderful artist Michelle Ward. Tony and I both loved HIM instantly and have most of their albums. Tony just likes the sound, I think, but there’s something in their lyrics that speaks to my heart. I have often used their words in my journal pages.

Recently they announced a worldwide tour (but, sadly, not to NZ) and that they’re disbanding. I am pleased they’re going on to other creative adventures, but I will miss their presence in my life. I’ve decided to do a small art journal – just 14cm square –  featuring all the lyrics that speak so much to me. Here’s the first two pages.

i'm draininglet me weep

Using HIM lyrics

I’ve been listening to music while playing in my art journal so I guess it was inevitable the lyrics would appear in my journaling. This is from the HIM album “Digital Venus Doom”, and the song is “In joy and sorrow”. Writer and lead singer Ville Vallo’s songs probably seem quite dark at first glance but they have always spoken to me of the redemption love brings.

tony journal 2015-12-13.jpg