Family photos

I have been going through some old family photos today and, despite a lot of work with Mum in those last few years, there are some where I can’t identify people or places. Please – identify who, when, where and what for all your family photos before it’s too late. Anyway, this is one of the real gems. The wee boy at the far left is Mum’s adopted father, James Ross, aged about six; Mum thought the photo was taken in approx 1890. How incredible to have a photo that’s 124 years old. The scrapbook layout was photographed early evening, so there’s some shadows etc – sorry about that.


The photos below are of the Tangiwai Rail Disaster in 1953. I don’t know whether they were taken by Dad or Uncle Jim Barker. Uncle Jim was meant to be the engine driver that day but a co-worker asked to swap shifts; such a lucky break for our family, but of course a tragedy for another.

train wreck 1 train wreck 2