Working large #BlogJune 13

I spent today “working large” with Penny Kirk at Left Bank Art Gallery in Greymouth. It was amazing! I had so much fun working alongside Penny – we use similar colours, and even materials, but have very different processes and outcomes. The opportunity to work at a much bigger scale was great; I haven’t worked at this scale since my last year at The Learning Connexion in Wellington.

Tomorrow I’ll try to photograph the finished works and share them. In other news, Tony had a better day and has enjoyed doing his paint by numbers. He’s not feeling 100% tonight but that’s nothing new…

Back on line & some art

I’ve had terrible internet problems for the last 10 days, just as we upgraded our printer and pc (we lease them for the newspaper so have to change every 3 years) and it’s been a *nightmare*. It seems to be fixed, thank goodness. It’s even used up a lot of my art time, which is never good for my temperament 😉

So now I am back to creating art, including journal pages to help me remember everything I am learning as part of Dr Duc Vuong’s Leap Year Challenge.

I’m teaching a Dylusions art class in Greymouth in early April and have been busy putting class packs together – I’m excited about it and hope others are too.  Bookings can be made through Left Bank Art Gallery.

dyary 20200308stand guard 202003headspace 202003


Getting organised for classes

I love teaching art, but it requires a lot of preparation if you want people to get the most out of it. Over the last week or so I’ve been working on samples for the advanced gelli print class I’m teaching in Greymouth in early December. You can book though Left Bank Art Gallery or message me. Each person who attends gets a class kit with instructions, sample photos, mixed media paper and so on – that’s why booking is essential.

Here’s a sneak preview of the process, and how the prints progress from initial layers to a (possibly) finished print or two.