Where has the time gone?

I normally blog regularly but February was super busy. Work, LIANZA including time in Wellington, Dr V’s Leap Year WLS Challenge, and so on. I enjoy being busy, and me being bored is never good, but this was a bit hectic really. March is a quieter month, kind of, then April goes warp speed again. All good really.

What have I been doing? LIANZA work, which I love. I met up with Just H and Polly F at Waitohi, the stunning new library in Johnsonville. A visited the art at Te Papa and had some time at Zealandia where I saw Kaka, Tuatara and Takahe – both experiences were truly incredible.

The Dr V Challenge was hard work, habit changing, and incredibly well worth it. My AP (Accountability Partner) Penny K and I have signed up to do it all again in March, to cement the learnings and learn even more new skills.

And art, always art. It grounds me, heals me, keep me sane in the busy times.

Here’s some photos from the last few weeks. Enjoy.



A trip to Christchurch

I’ve just come back from 5 days in Christchurch, attending the LIANZA 2017 conference. I was able to have dinner out with my brother-in-law Roger one evening as part of a larger group, and pop in to see my stepdaughter Yasmine, her partner Adam and our grandson Rory – it’s just a pity time was so short.

I hadn’t been to Christchurch since pre-quake. It was weird looking round because I can see the damage but, in many ways, can’t identify the changes as I didn’t know the city beforehand. We took a taxi a couple of times and it was interesting to note how careful the taxi drivers are to explain why they have to take the long way round sometimes; I suspect they occasionally get abused about detours which are not their fault.

This was the first time I’ve flown since my surgery. No seat belt extender needed this time. It was also my first test of eating ‘normally’ away from home; not totally successful but not a disaster either. I only felt really sick once, and lost a few hundred grams so the odd food choices did no harm. The worst moment that’s food related? I was sitting with the “cool kids” from Auckland Libraries – a really lovely bunch – and managed to throw my entire lunch down my jeans, over my sneakers and across the floor. They were so nice, they got me to sit still while they cleaned up, then got me some more food…

So, travel post-surgery is perfectly manageable – that’s another thing ticked off the “hmmm, I wonder…” list.

Photos are Lis & I ready for the gala dinner; Sumner Beach, Rory, Roger and I; Rory with his junior dragster; my seat belt on the plane.

Stuck! So frustrated…

Last year, for my presentation at the LIANZA annual conference, I made 20 mixed media slides based on chooks and was really happy with them. I decided there was a topic I felt equally passionate about that I wanted to present on this year and my proposal was accepted. In it, I said my presentation would include 20 mixed media slides – same as last year. My presentation is titled “Wear your heart on your sleeve” and I decided to make fairly plain backgrounds and decorate each one with a unique heart. I’ve made about 8 and, although they’re fine as hearts, the whole thing just isn’t grabbing me.

I’ve been really frustrated and procrastinating. Now time is relatively short, as conference is about a month away. I have decided to scrap what I’ve done and start afresh. Wish me luck!



I can’t show you

I can’t show you what I am creating at the moment, because the mixed media works are for a presentation I’m doing in October and they have to be fresh at the time. But what I can say is they resemble these works from last year in the sense that they are mixed media but with a new theme; think of love in a non-romantic way and you’ll be close.

The year that was – 2011 as I remember it

At the end of each year I think back on what I have done; it’s easy for achievements to sort of slide on by barely noticed. Knowing what we have done, and where we’ve been, helps map the road forward – so here a quick recap of things that stand out from 2011. When I first started thinking about this post it seemed I had not achieved much, but that’s not the case. It’s just that this years list is less dramatic than last year’s which had things like an art exhibition in Italy. Not the kind of thing that’s going to crop up year after year!

  • Joined in many of the Crusades with Michelle Ward over at the GPP Street Team site.
  • Re-elected as Co-Chair is PubSig, a national organisation that supports librarians, to serve another 2 years.
  • Did all the ‘stuff’ that needed doing when Aunt J passed away after years of suffering with dementia.
  • Accepted for Post Grad Diploma in Museum Studies at Massey for 2012 – they take quite a limited number.
  • Enjoyed another year of love and friendship with Sandra; 40-mumble years and counting!
  • Officially recognised as Deputy to the District Librarian at work
  • Co-presented an interactive workshop on Koha at this year’s LIANZA annual conference
  • Kept Mum at home for another year; safe, happy and reasonably well.
  • Appointed to the communications committee for the 2012 LIANZA annual conference
  • Supported another Kiwi artist who was offered a residency overseas

My guiding word for 2011 was DETERMINED and I did about half the things I was determined to do. But I also did a lot of things that were not on my radar when I wrote my original list. I’m happy with what I achieved for the year. I have a fair idea of my word, and to do list, for 2012 but am not clear enough to capture it here yet. In the next day or two I’m sure I’ll post it…