Making vintage postcards

I have spent a good part of the morning making vintage-style postcards. For me it’s a good way to use up old supplies, get my fingers inky and brain into art mode, and then I’m inspired to write to people using my new postcards . Talk about win-win!

I try to write a few letters a month, with a fountain pen and awesome ink colours (currently using Lierre Sauvage), because so many people only ever receive bills in the mail, and email is so transient.

Envelope swap

A while back I asked if anyone wanted to do an envelope swap – enough people were keen so we all got underway. It’s taken longer than I imagined but no one seems to mind. I packed up all the envelopes and they are in tomorrow’s mail back to people. I forgot to ask permission to show people’s work on my blog so here is a very general show of just some of the loveliness that arrived in my mailbox. I hope people enjoy what they receive – I loved all the work that came in. We’ll be doing it again at some stage…