My word for 2016 is …

Each year I choose a word that centres me, a word I come back to when I need reminding of my focus and of what’s important to me. I put a lot of thought into my word and surround myself with it; in small artworks, in my art journals and on my office wall. In previous years I have chosen calm, kindness, learn, determined, map and balance.

I have been a follower of Dr Wayne Dyer for many years. He passed away this year just as I was finishing his latest book. He always spoke of the power of intention, so this is for you Dr Wayne. In 2016 it is my INTENTION to:

  • stay calm and act from a place of kindness
  • continue making changes at work that create a positive atmosphere
  • use my time efficiently so I can achieve all that’s in my head
  • schedule my time effectively so I contribute well to the wider profession
  • be receptive to the possibilities all around me
  • spend quality time with Tony and the furkids
  • nurture my creativity


Looking back on 2015, my word was CALM. It helped align my actions with my intention to achieve with kindness. As a guiding word it served me well because when I am CALM:

  • I respond rather than react
  • I hear people out and think before speaking
  • I consider the consequences of my actions
  • I balance the urgent with the important
  • I get a lot done through being prepared and not rushing
  • I take life’s ups and down in my stride
  • I ensure I have art time to keep me balanced
  • I make time for Tony and I so we stay happy

Art and words – my 2010 word is…

Every year I decide on a word that is going to be my beacon throughout the year. The word gives me a focus and a framework for action. I write it up nice and big on the whiteboard above my desk, it’s in my diary, on my screen-saver, on my inspiration wall – wherever I go, there it is. Most year’s it is something about the whole of life, like ‘relax’, or ‘focus’.

But not as we head into 2010. This year I have some personal goals, which I am not sharing, but am internally visualizing instead. My word this year is intended solely for my art, although as I live with and use the word I have no doubt I will start to find it fits with the whole of life. Why? Because my art and the whole of my life are inseparable.

So what is the word? MAP. Yes, you read that right. Map

I mentioned a while back that I was starting a new body of work, different to what has gone before. Tomorrow I’ll be starting to put those works up on the web (it would have been today but I spent the day at the hospital with Mum again). Map relates to those works and to the thought processes behind those works. Over the next few day I will MAP out my thoughts a bit more clearly.

In the meantime, thank you for visiting my blog and for being a cyber-friend. I wish you a safe and prosperous new year and trust that 2010 will be kind to you and yours.