Creative Jump Start begins #cjs20

I’ve done Creative Jump Start a few times over the years, but missed last year. I decided to join #CSJ20 with Nathalie Kalbach again this year. I’m always a day behind because of the timing but some people don’t post every day so – shrugs!

I’ll share my creations every day but not the full challenge details out of respect for it being a paid class. If you want to find out more or join in, click on Nathalie’s link. I always find I learn heaps, and am reminded of techniques I’ve enjoyed in the past.

Today I used a favourite photo of Monte Cassino Abbey from our 2010 trip as the starting point, then cut multiple stencils from paper. Once the paint was dry I added a few pen lines. This is not my usual style, but it was fun, and I’d certainly use the process again.

day 1 finsihed 1day 1 finsihed 2

cjs18 day 8 Diana Trout

Today’s artist was Diana Trout; the technique involved an initial medium on the paper, drawing into it and watercolours. The medium I chose didn’t cope with all the water I used, so I ended up with some odd patches but that’s ok. Although not a good painting by any stretch of the imagination, I had fun with this and will try the technique again. Incidentally, the painting is based on a photo I took of relics in the grounds of Monte Cassino Abbey in Italy in 2010 when I was part of the Legato exhibition.

day 8 diana trout