Beauty in nature #BlogJune 20

I love seeing nature but don’t necessarily enjoy being in it – it depends on the circumstances. If I can take my time, and feel safe, I’m happy to go for a decent walk such as Hokitika Gorge.

I enjoy a nice garden and flowers, but I’m no good at growing things. I never have been, despite Dad being a good gardener. I’m staying with Alan in Hokitika at the moment and he grows orchids. I love seeing them bloom and finding out about the different types.

#cjs21 day 3

Today’s #creativejumpstart21 artist was Martice Smith. Martice talked about her art practice, which is strongly influenced by her surroundings, and then showed how she develops gelli prints. I chose to use a variety of leaves from the garden to gelli print with, then worked back into some of them with various pens. I ended up with a nice stash I can use for collage.

Full moon

Tonight it is full moon, but not just any full moon, it’s the biggest full moon of the year. Spectacular! ABC News says “It happens because — despite what our senses tell us — the moon does not orbit us in a perfect circle. It follows a slightly elliptical path every month. At 11:35 p.m. EDT, say astronomers, it will come within 221,802 miles of us — coincidentally about one minute before it’s at its fullest. The result: When the moon is closest to Earth, it appears 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter than when it’s farthest from us. Two weeks from now, on the opposite side of its orbit, it will be about 252,000 miles away”.

I love the full moon and am often *very* wakeful – I can sense the full moon and need to paint, often in the middle of the night. My friend Sandra Robinson, whose passion is photography, sent me this amazing photo:

Here are some paintings of the moon that I have done over the years; there might be more by tomorrow!