As 2019 ends…

The end of another year, and the end of a decade. This year I’ve worked hard, actively relaxed, spent quality time with Tony, contributed to the wider profession, had an art exhibition with Dimmie at Lysaght Watt, visited Penny and Alan on the West Coast a couple of times, been to Punakaiki to the pancake rocks, gained a nephew-in-law and a great-nephew, kept my weight steady-but-slightly-heavier-than-I-want and increased my daily steps to 6,000. Not a bad year’s work all up…

And the decade? Hmm. Stepped up to my current role, gained a great-nephew in Australia, sat with Mum as she passed, had weight loss surgery, renewed old friendships, had a car accident, enjoyed endless hours of art & craft, and celebrated our silver wedding anniversary.

Looking back at my blog from December 2009 the following stood out:

Having passed my chest infection on to my husband (remember marriage vows – for better or worse – this is worse) and my mother (blast! at 85, it’s not a good thing) – I’m feeling a bit better. Although the house still sounds a bit like a TB ward really. Now that I have my coughing under control, and a wee bit of energy back, I need to get creating. I’m still the same – creating is my relaxation and my saviour.

This year I have some personal goals, which I am not sharing, but am internally visualizing instead. My word this year is intended solely for my art, although as I live with and use the word I have no doubt I will start to find it fits with the whole of life. Why? Because my art and the whole of my life are inseparable. So, what is the word? MAP. It’s amazing to think I have been doing #OneLittleWord for over a decade now.

And Faith wrote: Grandma has a chest infection, but the staff kept asking about the big bruise on her arm – and Grandma couldn’t remember how it happened. When we got home Mum and Grandma were laughing, saying that at this rate the Police will be round any day to accuse Mum of beating up Grandma. I remember this so well – I was really concerned they were going to report me for abuse, and I still remember how she got the bruise.

As 2019 draws to a close, I am grateful for Tony, Faith & Goldie, family, friends, work and art. Here’s to a great 2020.



As 2016 ends

As 2016 draws to a close, it’s time to think back on the year that was. As is often the case for Tony and I, it’s been a mixed bag. He had surgery at the beginning of the year, and is likely to have surgery early in 2017, and I had surgery in September then got very sick. He and Ailsa nursed me, which I am grateful for. It took ages for the fence to be repaired after a drunk driver crashed into it, and the roof leaked again!

On the plus side though, we have our own home, I have a job I love, we have a few wonderful friends and two pets we love dearly. I’m grateful we live in New Zealand where we can feel safe, despite being worried about what is happening in the world. I’ve lost over 35kg so far and am finally starting to feel well again. More importantly, after 24 years together, we remain as much in love as ever and are each other’s biggest supporters.

Here’s to 2017; I’m looking forward to a year of loving work, loving Tony and loving our life.

new years eve 2017

Looking back at 2012

I know this is a bit early, but I have a lot going on in my head, so this seems the perfect time. At the end of each year I think back on the year that’s been; the achievements and events that have shaped my life. Knowing what we have done, what has happened, and where we’ve been, helps map the road forward. Here’s a quick recap of things that stand out from 2012. In many ways this has been a sad and difficult year but as a scrapbooker I know that we can’t just document the good times; without the hard stuff, the really good days would not shine so brightly.

  • Had to accept Mum going into the local rest-home, after 14 years of caring for her at home, when she had a stroke in May.
  • Was awarded Overall Winner of the 2012 Signature Exchange.
  • Dropped out of Post Grad Diploma in Museum Studies at Massey for 2012 – my work and family needed my time more than my studies did.
  • Re-elected as Co-Chair is PubSig, a national organisation that supports librarians, to serve another 2 years.
  • Enjoyed another year of love and friendship with Sandra; 40-mumble years and counting!
  • Presented a lightning session on professional registration at the Palmerston North LIANZA conference 2012.
  • Participated in the 14th Annual International Collage Exchange.
  • Tony had double cataract surgery, then a few months later a femoral crossover bypass to get around a 20cm clot in his left femoral artery.
  • Enjoyed being on the communications committee for the 2012 LIANZA annual conference.
  • Mum passed away just four days after my birthday and 9 days before Christmas. My heart aches.

My guiding word for 2012 was LEARN; looking back, I did few of the things I wanted to learn to do. I think that’s mainly a reflection of the kind of year it has been, which means that my word for next year will have something to do with being kind to myself. When you look back, what have been the big things for you this year?

Art and words – my 2010 word is…

Every year I decide on a word that is going to be my beacon throughout the year. The word gives me a focus and a framework for action. I write it up nice and big on the whiteboard above my desk, it’s in my diary, on my screen-saver, on my inspiration wall – wherever I go, there it is. Most year’s it is something about the whole of life, like ‘relax’, or ‘focus’.

But not as we head into 2010. This year I have some personal goals, which I am not sharing, but am internally visualizing instead. My word this year is intended solely for my art, although as I live with and use the word I have no doubt I will start to find it fits with the whole of life. Why? Because my art and the whole of my life are inseparable.

So what is the word? MAP. Yes, you read that right. Map

I mentioned a while back that I was starting a new body of work, different to what has gone before. Tomorrow I’ll be starting to put those works up on the web (it would have been today but I spent the day at the hospital with Mum again). Map relates to those works and to the thought processes behind those works. Over the next few day I will MAP out my thoughts a bit more clearly.

In the meantime, thank you for visiting my blog and for being a cyber-friend. I wish you a safe and prosperous new year and trust that 2010 will be kind to you and yours.