Gelli prints on clear adhesive tape

I’ve been watching Patti Parrish on YouTube over the last few days, and following the Gelli Arts page on FaceBook; I decided I wanted to try printing on clear packing tape so I can use it in my art journals. I added thin layers of Golden Fluid acrylics to my 6×6 Gelli Plate then let it dry thoroughly. My office was about 24 degrees today, so it didn’t take long. I covered the Gelli Plate with overlapped strips of wide clear ¬†packing tape and burnished it with my bone folder. It lifted off really cleanly, which surprised me a bit. I stuck one print to a newspaper page and the other to a much whiter page from a fairly new book that had a bit of pink paint smeared on it. I like both pages and can see me using them in my art journal. ¬†Next time I might try Mica powder on the back, like Patti used – thanks to Patti, and others, for the inspiration.



packing tape