Playing in my art journals

A week or so back we brought all my art supplies into the house. I love having everything in the one room and, to my surprise, it has ramped up my desire to paint again.  I’m playing round with ideas in an old ledger book, and getting up early to paint.

I’ve also done a new 20×30″ canvas for our room. I wanted something with gold and red, so did a small test piece then the bigger canvas. Because the final canvas is much bigger the look isn’t quite the same, but I’m fine with that. It feels a bit like a scrap of mad Victorian wallpaper to me! My only disappointment is the canvas, a deep edge Winsor Newton, is warped so isn’t sitting flat to the wall on one side.

dream bigforsakengold leafnew painting



Last year a library friend and I started an art swap – each month we sent off a background for the other person to paint something floral on. We got a bit behind for various reasons, and have been catching-up. Over the long weekend I’ve used 5 backgrounds she sent me. It’s such a fun way to work, and really pushes me to try different looks.

Memories and dreams

I have been dreaming a lot lately; usually a sign my mind is very busy, which would be a fair comment. I’ve started a new series of paintings, after going back through old material form my years at The Learning Connexion and doing some fresh research into the artists we studied and whose work spoke to me. I re-read some comments from my tutor, Peter Adsett, and thought about how they apply to my work now.

Once I started painting I found I’d gone right back to being fascinated by the edges of the canvas, and that my memories of the old Patea Freezing Works buildings – which I have painted before – have reappeared. I think those shapes are strongly ingrained in my mind, and appear in my dreams and when I am painting without thinking too hard about it. The first one hardly referenced the buildings, but the shapes get stronger as my hand keeps working.

Here are the three works I have done so far – one may need warming up a bit yet, but I am watching it for a day or two. The white is not as stark as it appears, I kept getting glare on fresh paint from the lower afternoon sun.

DSC_0004 Fog 1 port 1

364 pieces of art

I used to blog a lot, as a way of showing my art process, and to clarify my thinking. Over the years FaceBook became my avenue for some of that, but it’s not as good. Too many distractions, and hard to see progress over time. And of course FB changes the rules from time to time, often with little warning. I’ve not been creating as regularly as I used to, yet it’s good for me – even 10 minutes a day helps and makes me a happier, and therefor better, person all round.

In lieu of over-ambitious New Year’s resolutions I won’t keep, I’m committing to making a small piece of art every day. I’ll probably work on index cards so I can take them with me if I’m away from home. I painted every day for a year once and it was great. Sure, in the end I didn’t manage every single day, but it was fun anyway!

I’d like to draw better, so I’ll be incorporating an element of drawing into some pieces. Along with the art, I want to think out load more, and commit those thoughts onto my blog. As an introvert I find it’s good for me to have somewhere to put my thoughts down. So, yesterday was a rest today – today, the 364 pieces of art project begins.

blue orange 2

Playing with layers in the chaos

I have a couple of days leave – replacement days for working Easter – so have been creating all kids of things in amongst working on the newspaper and some other bits that I need to get done.  As you can see, when I get really into creating mode my desk can get a bit overloaded. Mind you, a friend who is moving countries once her house sells just gave me a huge pile of beads and glitter, which hasn’t helped the state of chaos because I’m not sure where to store them in my stash yet! (thanks Doris – I appreciate it and will love using it all up)

The journal page was inspired by one of Donna Downey’s Inspiration Wednesday videos  I love the way she works in layers, her videos are always fun to watch and she’s really good at explain both her thought process and her art process. If you want to check out her videos a quick search of Donna Downey on YouTube will do the trick.

DSC_0002 DSC_0005

Gelli prints on clear adhesive tape

I’ve been watching Patti Parrish on YouTube over the last few days, and following the Gelli Arts page on FaceBook; I decided I wanted to try printing on clear packing tape so I can use it in my art journals. I added thin layers of Golden Fluid acrylics to my 6×6 Gelli Plate then let it dry thoroughly. My office was about 24 degrees today, so it didn’t take long. I covered the Gelli Plate with overlapped strips of wide clear  packing tape and burnished it with my bone folder. It lifted off really cleanly, which surprised me a bit. I stuck one print to a newspaper page and the other to a much whiter page from a fairly new book that had a bit of pink paint smeared on it. I like both pages and can see me using them in my art journal.  Next time I might try Mica powder on the back, like Patti used – thanks to Patti, and others, for the inspiration.



packing tape

Trusting myself to paint

The piece I’m working on was looking quite ‘pretty’ but I knew it needed an ancient wall. This meant trusting my instinct and being prepared to act – something I have been not so good at in recent times. with my art This afternoon I took a deep breath, made a mask, grabbed some brown and black inks and started making an ancient wall right over the top of the some of the prettiness. It feels good to be trusting myself to grab paint and go for gold. Here are some detail shots (in reverse order – oops)

003 002 001