Snow paintings finished

Back here, I showed you work in progress on some snow paintings. The idea of painting the lights, colours and shadows that sit in and under snow came to me after seeing news reports about avalanches in the South Island here in NZ. The finished works are mutli-layered: blue, mauve, purple etc then transparent layers of white, more colour, more white, more colour, more white…

The four are now finished, strung, signed etc and off to a busy Auckland hair salon for a time. It’s all about keeping my work out there, making sure people see it and see my name. You can read what Alyson at ArtBizBlog says about getting your art of of the studio here.  

 Here’s the first of them, I’ll save the erst for later in the week when my art room is quiet. This one, titled “Glacial”, is 12×16″ on W&N deep edge canvas. Glacial 2009

There’s plenty of snow on the mountain

But it’s easily 20 degrees here again today. I am sure we don’t normally have this much snow left by mid November. I blame global warming.

Anyway … I have been painting Mt Egmont ready to put some small works into Red Rock Cafe. Here’s the first one completed. Acrylic on 4×4 gallery wrap canvas.


Mt Egmont

Mt Egmont, originally uploaded by cathrs1964.

Today has been so incredibly cold (hail has been sitting on the ground all day – brrr) that it got me thinking about all the mountain paintings I have done over the years. This one, in pastel, is a favorite of my husbands. From time to time we think about getting it framed to put up at his workplace.