Day 22 #100dayproject

This isn’t a great scan colour-wise – it’s actually more teal. The contrast is about right, but overall it’s a little more subtle. I used Golden Fluid acrylics in Teal and Benzimidazolone medium yellow applied through a StencilGirl stencil. The yellow is very transparent so there’s this subtle range of yellow greens that I really like.

Day 19 #100dayproject

This is Golden Fluid acrylics Benzimidazolone medium yellow and Quinacridone red. I love the Quinacridones but this is one of my least-used because it always feels a bit harsh somehow. I put it on with a dry brush through a StencilGirl stencil then dry-brushed round the edges.

The numbers are messed up but I’m away from home and can’t fix it until tomorrow. Oops!

Day 16 #100dayproject

This is Golden fluid acrylics Benzimidalazolone medium yellow and Anthraquinone blue, then a little of the blue was wiped off through a stencil with a dry paper towel. The scanner hasn’t picked the colour up perfectly but I like the way the blue varies in depth after wiping back, and almost reads as black.

And, yes, the numbering is mixed up but I’m away from home and can’t fix it.

Day 15 #100dayproject

Golden fluid acrylics; Teal and Anthraquinone blue, wiped back through a StencilGirl stencil with a damp babywipe before the paint dried. The technique only works if you’ve prepared the paper with gesso (with one or two exceptions I won’t try to explain…). The background is darker and more blue in real life, but I’m having a few colour matching problems with the new scanner still.

#cjs20 day 26

Today’s artist is the lovely and talented artist Mary Beth Shaw, creator of StencilGirl Stencils. I own a *lot* of their stencils, and love them, so was delighted to see Mary Beth’s name pop up. Most of the work I do for #cjs each year is in a cheap A5 journal; today’s piece is one of those times when I wish I’d worked on better paper. Damn it!

day 26 MaryBeth Shaw

cjs18 day 26 MaryBeth Shaw

I’m a StencilGirl fan from way back so was delighted to find MaryBeth is one of this year’s artists. Her recipe was all about the layers, which suits how I work – this piece has taken a couple of days because the various mediums needed time to dry. I decided to work on a 10×10″ canvas because this wouldn’t work well in my art journal, and loosely based the image on photos of the Patea cliffs where I live. I took photos of two of the layers as I worked.

day 26 marybeth shaw layer 1day 26 marybeth shaw layer 2day 26 marybeth shaw layer final


cjs18 day 6 Andrew Borloz

Day 6 of Creative Jump Start 2018 was inspired by Andrew Borloz. I have a few of his stencils from StencilGirl products and enjoy his style. His project was a multi-step recipe for creating quite complex pages that can be used in a multitude of ways. It was more time-consuming and fussy than I normally bother with, so it was great to slow down and do something quite different. On reflection I don’t think my colour choices made the most of the technique, but that’s ok…it’s all about the process and the learning.

day 6 Andrew Borloz