Surrounded by colour

Tony and I have quite a lot of artwork and love living surrounded by it. Some of the works are mine, some are by a very few artists whose work we collect; Tanya Dann, Martha Marshall, and Tina Mammoser. ¬†We also have a few pieces by artists we admire but whose works we’re not collecting, including Sophia Elise and Sharlene Schmidt.

I love creating ATCs (artists trading cards) and have been involved in a few swaps in the last year or so, and I have them sitting on the top of my computer desk so that even while I’m working on the internet the beauty of art is right with me. I love their variety and colour.

I don’t always make enough time for creating work myself, but having so much colour and beauty around me feeds my soul.



Exhibition coming up

The annual Pocket Rockets exhibition opens shortly in Dunedin. As always, artist Tanya Dann has done a great job of organising it all, and has her first solo exhibition happening at the same time. And, just so she doesn’t get bored, she’s a PhD student as well. I’m sending six works down, including 3 that I have only just finished. Normally I send work from one series, but this time something tells me to send a range of work down, so that’s what I have done. Pocket Rockets is a great chance for people to buy original artworks as Christmas gifts.

Memories of Bryce Canyon. Acrylic, 12×12″. C Sheard, c2012.

One of those days. Mixed media, 10×10″. C Sheard, c2012.

I’m gonna make it. Mixed media, 10×10″. C Sheard, c2012.